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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

The last 6 weeks or so in review...

A lot has happened in the last 6 weeks during my little hiatus from the blog.  Don't get me wrong the "a lot" that's happened is not dramatic just full of events.

Training for the marathon on Nov. 3 reached its peak in the past month or so.  I finished a 20 and 22 mile run.  My final long run before beginning the taper period of training was supposed to be about 23 miles, but I stopped early due to a cramp in my calf.  I'm glad I did since I ended up not having any lasting effects of the cramp.  Jonah was a great sport and came to pick me up after the cramp which occurred at mile 16 and I was at least a few miles out from home.

Last week I began a new challenge, which is the Baron Baptiste 40 days to personal transformation.  I've been practicing yoga at a baptiste power yoga studio in Cincinnati, and I wanted to go further into the practice and explore more thoroughly into the intellectual side of the practice.  Right now I'm on day 4 and things are going well and I'm hoping for some personal growth through the program.  Coincidentally, the program ends two days before my 30th birthday.  The end of another decade of life is a great time for reflection and growth.  Below are some images from a few of our adventures as of late...enjoy

Reds game

Joey Chestnut won the brat eating contest for the third year in a row at Zinzinnati Oktoberfest

Serious pretzels at the Zinzinnati Oktoberfest

Relaxing fall afternoon at a Kentucky Winery.