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I'm a scientist , yogi, book worm, scifi junk, and I'm a little obsessed with my pup. My life is full of discovery both in the lab and out of the lab. This blog is my place to share my experiences as a person trying to stay happy and healthy in this crazy world.

The Wedding...

Once upon a time there was a boy and girl who fell in love.  
This boy and girl wanted to get married so they could share their love forever.  
Their wedding day on April 9, 2011 started as a stormy, rainy Spring day.  
Then, quite literally the clouds parted and the sun peaked out from hiding and shone warmly on their wonderful day...
Our meet up before the ceremony.

The Groomsmen and our Reverend.
Man and Wife

The Bridesmaids

The new extended family

The sweets....

Cake cutting....we mostly behaved.

First dance

And they lived happily every after....

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