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Sunday, February 24, 2013

The Oscars 2013 ...

Ballot is ready to go!

My ballot is filled out and my movie-themed cupcakes are iced and ready to eat.   What am I talking about you might ask? Well maybe not since the title of this post is Oscars 2013.....yes, I'm talking about the Oscars.

The academy awards are famous for ignoring what many people think were great accomplishments in film, but it also has the amazing red carpet and this year's host, Seth McFarlane.

I'm watching this year with the girls in our sweats eating movie/actor themed foods.  I made silver linings cupcakes with red carpet frosting. I've admittedly not seen any of the movies that are nominated for best picture.  Nevertheless, I'm in for the festivities.

I'm off to ogle the dresses the dresses for their good and bad qualities, and laugh at a few Seth McFarlane jokes.

Silver Linings Cupcakes
with Red Carpet Frosting

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