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Friday, September 24, 2010

20 miler #2 in review

Last weekend I did my 2nd and final 20 mile run for marathon training.  It also happened to be my last really long run before the race which is now just over 2 weeks away!  Like usual for this run I got an early start after some coffee and oatmeal.  Some stretching and heating pad on my hip helped to nicely warm it up.  I was hesitant when I headed out and very restrictive with speed.  After about 5-6 miles I was fully warmed up and my hip felt like normal for the rest of the run, which felt mostly like smooth sailing.

It seems like the universe gives you encouragement when you really need it.  Near about mile 17 or 17.5 my stomach started getting a bit upset.  This was due to the cliff fruit twist I had consumed earlier during the run.  Little did I realize that this fruity chewy twist treat was loaded with fiber since it is made out of the whole fruit.  As I was starting to regret eating it and mentally kick myself all the while physically struggling, I see a familiar face.  It's an older gentleman who has to be at least 80 maybe older out watering his flowers with a jug and his cane.  His face lights up as I approach his yard and a grin spreads across his face.  Just as I get right in front of him, he raises his cane and yells "Great day for a run isn't it!"  He totally brightened my day and the last few miles.  This isn't the first time I've seen him.  During the first 20 miler several weeks ago he was in his yard with the jug and cane again and yelled "Keep it up!"  I have no clue who this wonderful gentleman is, and I've never seem him outside any other time.  (I  run the course that goes by his house at least 3 times a week)  Anyway, he was very encouraging and it instantly cheered me up!

After the 20 miler we headed to Oktoberfest and walked around the rest of the day.  I didn't feel too sore until Sunday, but overall it wasn't that bad.  It made me feel more prepared and confident for the actual race.  I have to admit that I'm ready for the race to get here already......I just want to run not on a schedule for a while.

I'm ready to taper and take on 26.2 on 10.10.10 in Chicago!

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Oktoberfest recap!

Last weekend Jonah and I attended the largest Oktoberfest in the US!  (That's right....it's here in Cincinnati, OH!)  Early on Saturday afternoon we headed downtown for lunch (brats) and a sampling of german beer. Of course, you can't forget the best part of the whole festival.....cream puffs with bavarian cream.  After eating lunch we wondered around the whole festival and enjoyed a smattering of polka music.  This year Cincinnati Oktoberfest unveiled a new event.....a brat eating contest.  Around 3pm most of us attending ventured to the tent where the contest was to be held to watch about 9 people take on this task.  The brats were sans buns.  There were several famous eaters there that I recognized from watching the Nathan's hot dog eating contest on July 4 including the famous champ Joey Chestnut!
This is the field of eaters for the brat eating contest
Joey and the 2nd place eater  
Mr. Chestnut claimed the crown as 
 the best brat eater in 10 minutes....
           He shattered the record by eating 42 brats!
Jonah's toe was demolished by a large man stepping on him :( 

Unfortunately, we had a small situation while
waiting in line for some famous german beer...

Overall, Oktoberfest was fun and exciting.....it got super crowded in the evening so I'm very glad we went early!  Maybe next year we'll enter philip in the wiener dog race on Friday before the festival.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

my last week or so in a word....uugghh

So....it's been over a week since I've blogged.  Life has been thoroughly overwhelming and frustrating at the same time leading me to say ...uugghh...many times and heavy sighing.  (At least I'm trying to breathe deeply)  Quickly here's some of the issues and some small things I've started to do to help with the situations....

A) Running has been less than enjoyable due to my sore hip a) Indulged in a deep tissue massage focusing on my hips, quads, and hamstrings.  This has helped a bit.  I must also mention that I tripped and fell last week before I decided to get a massage and tweaked the hip-age area and did a good job of scraping up my knee.  Yes, I was THAT person running/walking back home with an unhappy expression and blood running down my leg.  Short-Long run on Sat. was also less than enjoyable.  **However, this week stretching, icing, Aleve, and homeopathic meds have been doing a wonderful job**

B) Science......oh science....what can I say about you...  Well, experiments that usually work without fail are being pesky and not working, thus setting back my research a few more weeks.  Additionally, I think my advisor may think I'm not working as hard on it as I should.  (I am...but sometimes cloning doesn't work....I followed the protocol, and it worked last time!) b) I'm starting some experiments over from the beginning, and trying to remind myself that I'm my screwing it up....I have the lab data sheets showing that I did it correctly and it still didn't work.....3 times.

C) Life in general.....aahhh.  Sometimes it feels like every hour of everyday is full of something and I run out of time to clean, hang with the dog, or just sit and relax for a few.....or even blog.  c) I took Philip to doggie daycare yesterday so he will be tired today so I can give a good once over to my apartment.  It feels so much better when everything is nice, clean, and in it's place.

Thanks for reading my vent.  It was quite therapeutic to get it all out there.  I've been mentally preparing myself for the coming weekends big events.....another 20 mile run...and Cincinnati Oktoberfest!!!!  I'm sure they will both be great outlets for my frustrations!

Monday, September 6, 2010

20 miler

Saturday I did the weekly long run of.....20 miles.  It was a pretty intense run.  I got up had some coffee and an english muffin with an egg on it.  I headed out at about 6:45 into super nice weather and took a fairly slow pace.  My hip has still been a bit tight so before heading out I applied some heat to my hip and did some extra stretching.  It took about 4 miles until I felt all the way warmed up.  Honestly, during the run I didn't feel that bad.  To pass the time while running I gave myself checkpoints that I had to go to.  Here's how it worked:  I gave myself permission to walk, but I had to wait to evaluate how I felt at specific checkpoints that were every several miles.  It helped to visualize the course only to the next checkpoint instead of miles.  I tried some new fuel this week while running.  I tried some cliff shot blocks and powerbar energy chews.  Both products worked out pretty well, and I didn't have any stomach issues with them.

After arriving home I was stretching and when I took my shoes and socks off I got a huge shock.....my big toe was covered in a blister.  I had no idea that I was getting a blister at all.  Then, I hopped into the ice bath with extra ice since it was an extra long run.

Luckily, this week is a three day weekend and I have an extra day to take it easy.