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Thursday, September 16, 2010

my last week or so in a word....uugghh

So....it's been over a week since I've blogged.  Life has been thoroughly overwhelming and frustrating at the same time leading me to say ...uugghh...many times and heavy sighing.  (At least I'm trying to breathe deeply)  Quickly here's some of the issues and some small things I've started to do to help with the situations....

A) Running has been less than enjoyable due to my sore hip a) Indulged in a deep tissue massage focusing on my hips, quads, and hamstrings.  This has helped a bit.  I must also mention that I tripped and fell last week before I decided to get a massage and tweaked the hip-age area and did a good job of scraping up my knee.  Yes, I was THAT person running/walking back home with an unhappy expression and blood running down my leg.  Short-Long run on Sat. was also less than enjoyable.  **However, this week stretching, icing, Aleve, and homeopathic meds have been doing a wonderful job**

B) Science......oh science....what can I say about you...  Well, experiments that usually work without fail are being pesky and not working, thus setting back my research a few more weeks.  Additionally, I think my advisor may think I'm not working as hard on it as I should.  (I am...but sometimes cloning doesn't work....I followed the protocol, and it worked last time!) b) I'm starting some experiments over from the beginning, and trying to remind myself that I'm my screwing it up....I have the lab data sheets showing that I did it correctly and it still didn't work.....3 times.

C) Life in general.....aahhh.  Sometimes it feels like every hour of everyday is full of something and I run out of time to clean, hang with the dog, or just sit and relax for a few.....or even blog.  c) I took Philip to doggie daycare yesterday so he will be tired today so I can give a good once over to my apartment.  It feels so much better when everything is nice, clean, and in it's place.

Thanks for reading my vent.  It was quite therapeutic to get it all out there.  I've been mentally preparing myself for the coming weekends big events.....another 20 mile run...and Cincinnati Oktoberfest!!!!  I'm sure they will both be great outlets for my frustrations!


  1. I'm sorry you had a rough week friend. It helped me to feel better about my past few yucky weeks. As far as my 20 miler was supposed to go this morning, I realized last night that I didn't have any gus or sport beans so I had to restock today and will hopefully get the run in this weekend or at the least this week to start tapering. I think we will both be happy when race day finally arrives! I myself would like to run for fun again, ugh, and not have extra stress when I run out of time too.

    I miss you. Hopefully we can get together soon.

  2. Thanks for the support Mo!!! I had a similar situation with my gus....I had been buying them in bulk and ran out....and I realized a day or so before my long run. I tried a few new things...luckily they worked out just fine!