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Thursday, July 28, 2011

Can you run 100 miles?

I'm challenging everyone to run/walk/skip etc. 100 miles over the course of the month of August.  So, why would you want to do this challenge?  A little extra incentive is great for anyone who is active.  Also, when you are striving for a goal you stay focused.

If you are training for a fall marathon/half-marathon or any event this may help give you a little MOTIVATION.  For me, it will help build my running base before disney world marathon training gets underway.

Challenge yourself this coming month to be more active. Remember to be safe in the heat and keep hydrated.  As the month progresses I'll let you all know how my mileage is coming along and how the experience is overall.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Chicago recap part 2...

Cloud gate

Our reflection is in this photo somewhere (my advisor is giving me bunny ears)

inside cloud gate

Chicago tribune building.  There are pieces stone from significant places around the world stuck into the building.

Navy Pier

We found a gourmet food store (Fox and Obel) with AMAZING chocolate.  I enjoyed a truffle pig, and got a dark choc./bacon bar for Jonah.  mmmm.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Chicago recap part 1

From last Wed. until last night I was in my favorite midwestern city...Chicago for a Society for Developmental Biology meeting. As you can see in the picture to the left we had a little science fun, I was pretending to be from the national science foundation.
We took the megabus to Chicago.  We were fortunate to have no problems with the A/C in the blazing heat, like other buses. Once we got to Chicago we were able to have a couple of adventures.  I ran along the riverwalk, visited the magnificent mile (did a little lululemon shopping), saw the marilyn statute at the chicago tribune building, visited navy pier, and had a mini-architecture tour of the city with our advisor.  I've got loads more photos that I'll load for recap part 2.  

It was by far another enjoyable visit to the windy city.  

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Styling short hair for workouts...

Since I chopped my hair a little over a week ago, I've had to change the way that I style my hair for workouts.  I used to put my hair in a ponytail or braided ponytail sometimes with a hat.  Workout styling isn't as simple anymore.  I've done some google searches and had some trouble finding info on styling short hair for workouts...here are a few ways that work for me.... My hair right now is a chin length bob that's stacked in the back.

  • Tuck hair behind ears and put on a hat...
  • Simple head band to keep hair out of my face...
  • Half up ponytail with headband...
  • Twist bangs back and pin with bobby pin...
  • half up pig tails..... (If you have the length pigtails work amazingly for short hair)

Just a few ideas......but my favorite is just putting on a hat since the wicking properties of the hat keeps my head a little dryer.  Also, as I sweat my hair gets a bit curlier so the hat keeps the crazy hair at bay, and not a distraction while running.

Friday, July 15, 2011

Premiere night...

Midnight viewing of harry potter 7 part 2 was a total success!  We got into the theater about 2 1/2 hours before the movie started to get our seats.  Then, we just hung out and watched all the other crazy people sharing the theater with us.......someone dressed as a flying snitch was chased around by wizards....groups were singing harry potter musical songs....and there were just awesome costumes to observe.

I dressed up as a hogwarts student with fun buttons and had to learn how to tie a tie.  Also, made a wand out of a dowel rod, masking tape, and paint.

The movie ended up being good.  I'm going against popular opinion since I don't think it was amazing.  There were some major inconsistencies from part 1 and 2, and some important things left out of or changed from the book.  That being said I enjoyed the movie, and I understood what was happening since I'm familiar with the book story.  Just as a warning...if you haven't read the books there may be a few times you are confused.

I feel bittersweet about this being the last movie....but I'm happy that I probably won't be going to the midnight showing of too many other movies for the rest of my life.  I'm too old for this stuff.  Taking in a lot of caffeine to get through the day today....

Thursday, July 14, 2011

harry potter day...

It's finally the day that so many people have been awaiting....the premiere of harry potter and the deathly hallows part 2!!  The final movie.  So, today I brought in golden snitch cakes to the lab...
Tonight we're going to the midnight viewing and a few of us are dressing up.... I'll be sure to post pics.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Scents of the season...

Every season has it's own distinct characteristics, whether it's the temperature, precipitation, or scents.  In Ohio we have all 4 seasons and I generally enjoy the seasons.....except the crazy heat and humidity we are experiencing right now.

To make the apartment more "summery" we got a new candle that's very summer scented....cucumber mint.    Summer is all about light and refreshing scents so this candle fits perfectly.  My faves....lemon, pineapple, melon.  The new scent smelled very clean and refreshing.

What kind of small refreshments are you enjoying this summer?

Monday, July 11, 2011

The olympics...

This weekend was the beer olympics for graduate students.  It was super fun and I paired with someone to make team Russia (also rocked the mustache).  Jonah was Team Fiji.  We were eliminated first round from all games, but had a lot of fun watching other people.

I also got a new fun haircut this weekend.  I'm donating a hefty ponytail to charity.  Long hair is just WWWAAAYYY too hot in this weather.

On Sunday I went shopping to get some supplies to make golden snitch cakes.  It's Harry Potter week.....can't wait for Thursday night!!

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Korean wedding ducks....

Jonah and I received Korean wedding ducks recently as a wedding gift.  I first learned of this tradition while doing research to planthe wedding.  The ducks symbolize a lifetime commitment since ducks mate for life.  The wooden ducks also give others a clue as to the state of your relationship.  If the ducks are facing each other (like in the picture) then things are going well, conversely if they are facing away from each other then the couple is upset with each other.  You may notice the tassels from the bill of each duck, which is supposed to be a bill bound by thread to remind us that silence is powerful.  (Great lesson that I seem to forget)

We haven't decided who is which duck.  (Jonah thinks he should be the blue duck.)  

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Kentucky wine...

Our holiday weekend was filled with.....
catching up with friends both old and new...
doing a little leisurely shopping...
finally watching inception...
wine tasting! 

Kentucky is famous for bourbon, but have you had Kentucky wine?  Jonah and I found a small vineyard and winery just outside of lexington...Talon winery.  We explored the vineyard and processing areas before settling in for a few tastings. It was delish.

Hope you all were able to enjoy your holiday weekend with the ones you love.