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Monday, October 18, 2010

Great weekend...

This past weekend was tour de Kentucky and loads of fun!  I headed to Lexington to spend the weekend with Jonah.  On Saturday after getting in a decent run we headed off for our first live horse racing experience at Keeneland.  People were tailgating and dressed from casual to formal.  We were able to watch several races and bet on one.  Although I chalk it up to beginner's luck we won $5 (we didn't bet all that much) and picked the winning horse!  GO US!  After having a great time watching horses we headed to Shelbyville, KY to watch Noremac play at a block party!  Noremac rocked the block and were the best band of the evening!!!  If you haven't heard noremac here's a link.  Mo's husband is the drummer :)  The show was made even better by the presence of lots of friends we don't see that often.  We stayed in Shelbyville that night and the next morning I took my first trip to Waffle house for breakfast with friends.  The summary of this weekend......lots of great friends, good food, and fun new experiences.

Lots of work to do this week, the memories from the weekend will keep me going!

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