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Monday, April 25, 2011

Wedding success...

Two weeks ago I was able to marry my best friend.  The day was perfect.  Mo and I started the day out with a 3 mile run ending at my fave coffee place (Coffee Emporium) then starting the long process of getting ready.  While getting my hair done the rain started and quickly turned into a downpour.  I was a little worried but feeling a little zen about the day.  That was the reason we got a facility for the wedding with an indoor area.  Just in the nick of time the rain stopped and it cleared up so we could have the ceremony outside.  We had the reception inside, but the first dance and cake cutting outside.  It was a wonderful day.  I've started the process of name change....according to the government I am now Mary Patricia Lee.  Yay.  I'll put up some images from the honeymoon soon.  We had a fab. photographer who took a ton of beautiful images (Lowry Photo, Cincinnati), some of which I included here in my collage.

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