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Monday, September 3, 2012

The tale of two 18 mile runs ...

Two weeks ago the training schedule for the Indianapolis Monumental Marathon called for the first 18 mile run.  The weather was nice and cool with really low humidity, and got up early to head out to the little miami trail.  I used cliff shot blocks and cliff shots for fueling and no stomach issues, and I had just enough water to get me through the entire run feeling properly hydrated.  After a quick ice bath, I was able to get out and do a few things for the day.

Then, this past weekend it called for another 18 mile run.  Although the distance was the same, and I was going to run it on a flat course, but in Lexington this time, this 18 miler was a totally different story.

First of all it was humid and the sun was out full force.  Luckily, the cliff brand fueling supplies agreed with me again.  I think I'll stick with this brand.  At mile 10 I had to stop and refill my water bottles, and I was already drenched from sweating.  After I ran-walked the last 4 miles, I made it home exhausted and happy to be done.  This run also added to my "runner" tan, which makes it look like I'm always wearing a tanktop and shorts and a little pink across my nose, even though I wore SPF 50!

Logically, the weather makes a huge difference in how you feel during a training run, but I just couldn't believe the contrast.  Luckily, the run two weeks ago went really well and I can reassure myself that I have the endurance built up to continue training.

This week is a shorter run of 10 miles, and we are doing the extreme rampage obstacle course in Lexington.  Then, the following week is a 20 miler.

Happy training!

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  1. Good luck! I know how you feel - yesterdays 18-miler in the 65-75 degree weather was one of my easiest long runs to date despite being the furthest I have EVER run. Amazing how the body can perform when its not 85+ and humid!