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Monday, August 9, 2010

16 miler...sans humidity...finally!

This weekend for marathon training I ran 16 miles!  I was very very fortunate and there was a break in the humidity that has plagued this area lately.  I slathered on some SPF 50 and started out at about 6:30-ish on a cool comfortable morning.  The temperature was amazing, probably close to 65F.

The run was going great until about mile 12-13, and I began feeling dehydrated, and I was almost out of water in the hydration belt bottles.  So, I found a local playground to refill the bottles and get some hydration which was very refreshing and I felt fine the rest of the run.

Around mile 15 a random person starting running with me and kept me company for about a 1/2 mile.  I do so much running alone that it's easy to forget how quickly time flies when you have someone to chat with when you are running.  As much as I cherish the alone time while running, there are times I wish I had a local running buddy so we could help each other out during the tough times.  I can't wait to do a long training run with Morgan to get us ready for Chicago!!!  It'll be like a mini-preview of the race.

Lately my hip has been bothering me a little bit.  Stretching and icing has been helping it from getting any worse, however, it's still tight when heading out on a run and it takes a mile or two to warm up.  This is def. a case of soreness and not injury.

This week my long run is going to have to be on Wed. and I'm going to attempt to repeat the 16 miler, but the humidity is supposed to return!

Happy running!

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