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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

a few new obsessions....

I'm an avid viewer of Fringe on Fox.  It's a JJ Abrams creation with a lot of show scifi mythology and hidden clues.  After realizing  my love for this show I realized I had totally snubbed another JJ Abrams critically revered show, Lost.  I got the first season discs from the library and I've been hooked ever since.  Not many of my friends watched Lost so I'm not spoiled on what has happened yet.  I'm now about halfway through the second season!  Lost is my new obsession #1

As a way to become more graceful and challenge myself physically I've been attending ballet classes once a week.  We practice basic ballet positions and movement combination, but I end up seriously sore.  There are stability muscles used in ballet that are not used in running, cycling, or weight training.  It's been a fun challenge, and I've been able to meet some fun people.  Ballet is my new obsession #2.  We're also going to see the cincinnati ballet's version of a midsummer night's dream this weekend!!!

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