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Thursday, August 16, 2012

Don't be afraid to break the mold in sports and life...

Today I came across a commercial I had seen once or twice before, but today it really stuck with me.  Here are a few scenes from the commercial:

Courtesy of Nike
Courtesy of Nike

It's a nike commercial about women in sports.  It's hard to imagine that in my lifetime women have been kept from participating in certain sports.  

We are lucky to have a great women who pushed beyond the barriers to create the world we have now, full of potential for every little girl to do whatever she wants.  The reason this stuck with me so much today, is that I've been thinking about my career.  Women in science faced similar prejudices as women in sports.  My life would be so different if I lived in a culture where women can not participate in sports or science, since they take up the majority of my time.  

So, get out there and be happy that your life can break the mold and be an example of possibility for someone else.  

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