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Monday, August 13, 2012

Fun in the sun ...

Good friends and good times sums up the weekend. We were able to have a lovely day on Lake Monroe with the same friends we went to the zoo with last weekend. Being around friends you've had for so long is comforting, especially since our lives are in such transition right now.

While on the lake, we tubed. I honestly have not tubed since I was a kid, an it was a blast. We were so lucky, since the weather was amazing. Even with SPF 50 I think I still got a heathy dose of vitamin D.

Then, Sunday morning I enjoyed watching the men's olympic marathon with momo and watched the closing ceremonies with Jonah in the pm.
(There's so many events I still need to watch, do its like the Olympics haven't ended yet.)

The adventures this weekend left us (including phil-dog) feeling loved by friends and exhausted from all the fun.

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