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Monday, June 14, 2010

New playlist...

Here are some of the songs from my new running playlist.  It's very Jack Johnson heavy right now since the new CD recently was released.

1. The office theme song
-I like to run to theme songs....this one is especially  motivating.
2. Telephone-Lady Gaga
3. At or with me-Jack Johnson
-I love that the new album has several songs with a more upbeat backbeat...it makes me wanna move
4. Supermassive black hole-Muse
-I can't help thing of vampires playing baseball when this song comes on, and I giggle a bit.
5. Pictures of people taking pictures-Jack Johnson
6. Sexy Chick-David Getta
7. Nothing on you-B.O.B
8. Can't be tamed-Miley Cyrus
-Yes I like some miley cyrus songs...I also like Metrostation.  One day I had the bright idea while running that a whole Cyrus family playlist including Billy Ray would be fun, but later I realized that was a bad idea.
9. To the sea-Jack Johnson
10. You and your heart-Jack Johnson

That's a small sampling of some of my songs on my running playlist.  A new playlist always motivates me a little bit more.  I first listened to the new playlist on Sunday morning, and I was almost singing out loud to a few of my faves.

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