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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

A small moment of tranquility...

Yesterday was Monday, and Monday's are always busy and I feel like I'm constantly rushing around and yesterday was no different.  After a wonderful dinner (Gnocchi with veggies in marinara sauce and blueberry/feta spring mix salad) I took little Phil for a much needed walk.  I put in my headphones and while listening to a podcast we quickly walked to the library.

After leaving the library I forgot to restart my IPod and walked through the residential streets and something hit me.  Peaceful quietness...  I could hear the birds chirping and kids playing a street over, but it was generally quiet and tranquil.  I didn't listen to my IPod the rest of the way home, but enjoyed the quiet and it helped relax and refresh me. It really changed the whole mood for the rest of the evening!  

It's easy to get used to the constant noise of busy cars and hustle and bustle, however, when it's gone everything seems tranquil and calm.  I think it was life's way of reminding me yesterday that my goal is to slow down and enjoy life more.

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