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Thursday, December 16, 2010

Final days of the giving challenge reviewed...

I've completed the giving challenge and I've had some time to reflect upon all that I've learned.  I'll start with a summary of gifts for days 26-29
Day 26: Today I gave some time to myself in the form of a 50 minute yoga session.  I turned off my phone and the dog was fast asleep, so no interruptions.  It was a great time to just clear my head and re-center.

Day 27: I sent a thank you email to a friend who is always great to talk to and is very level headed.  She recently had an ADORABLE little baby and like everything else in her life is handling the new challenges with a grace.

Day 28: I gave a $10 donation to the Cincinnati library.  I'm constantly reading and I'm a very frequent patron of the library.  Our local branch of the library is cozy and I truly enjoy visiting......I usually stop in 2-3 times a week.  Also, the vast collection of audiobooks have helped me pass the day when I have repetitive protocols to do during an experiment.

Day 29: the final day....I gave a donation to the freestore food bank.  At the grocery store you pick out a prepacked bag of food and they scan the bag for donation.  Then, the bag goes into a bin and it's given to the food pantry.  This time of year giving food is more important than ever, the holidays aren't the same without a meal to share with the family.

What I've learned the past 29 days...
I've gained a giving perspective...meaning...during a normal day I'm looking for opportunities to give back to those around me.  It's important to remember that giving can be small and simple, but it still has an affect upon my state of mind.  I approach the day by asking "what can I give today?" which sets a positive tone over the whole day.  Also, my days have been more optimistic and more light hearted knowing that I'm giving back to human kind and the world, daily.

The past 29 days have made me more aware of my attitude and moods I'm projecting to those around me and how that may effect them.  The experience was eye opening and I would recommend it for everyone!

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