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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

AHA Heart Mini Year 2...

This is the second year I've been able to participate in the AHA heart mini to raise money for heart disease research/treatment and run a fun race through Cincinnati.

We were blessed with AMAZING weather this year.  Last year amid the drizzle then down pour of rain I was able to enjoy the event.  However, with a great weather the event was so much more enjoyable.  The race started bright and early (7:45am) for the half-marathon.  The course was the same as last year, which is good and bad since I knew where to expect the horribly steep hill.  Although it wasn't my best time, and I felt like puking for at least a mile I still enjoyed myself.  I knew I was running for a great cause and that PB and J sandwiches were waiting for me at the finish!

What added to the event was seeing fellow developmental biology students participating!  The race raises money for such a great cause, not only is heart disease the #1 killer of people in the US, but the American Heart Association provides opportunities for students, like me, and others to receive funding for our research.

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