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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

A few scenes from our Singapore and Thailand vacation...

The last few weeks I was fortunate enough to slightly detach from the world, electronically, and travel half way across the world.  For our vacation this year, Jonah and I visited Singapore and Phuket, Thailand.  We left a cold and blustery Cincinnati and landed in muggy Singapore.  It seems like we've brought a good dose of the warm weather back with us, 80s in March!!!  We got a little shock upon arrival since we didn't realize that driving in Sinapore is on the opposite side that the US drives on.  It should have been obvious, but arriving at 2 am put us out of sorts and we thought we were going to be hit by cars several times until we adjusted to the driving patterns.

Here are a few scenes from our traveling adventures...

This is the DNA bridge.  Tiles on the bridges had the DNA bases, ATGC! I had a science geek out moment.

Baby Manatee  at the Singapore Zoo.  

We experienced the whole island of Singapore and took in every tourist attraction.  After a hard day of sight seeing we indulged in tea time with yummy coffee at cute cafe which I think was alice in wonderland inspired. 

Chinese temple in Phuket

The highlight of all the places we visited was the Singapore Zoo.  The animals are very accessible and you can literally interact with them since much of them are just wandering around, the orangutans are free-range.  At the Zoo, Jonah was able to feed a little baby sloth and we rode an elephant!  

Admittedly, I don't think I could handle the 87F high humidity weather year round, but it was a great place to visit.

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