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Saturday, July 28, 2012

Olympics 2012 are here!

The summer olympics combine all the sports that have captivated by attention since a child and cram them into a two week action packed block.  By far, they are my favorite of the two seasons of olympics.  Last night marked the opening ceremonies!

I celebrated by going to a friends house for an opening ceremonies party, where we all wore something to support our favorite country.  Of course, I chose USA ('Merica).

During the opening ceremonies I enjoyed the section with the kids in hospital beds sleeping and the giant villains invading their dreams, and the part where JK Rowling read a short passage from a story.  

The olympics are not only a spectators dream, since they are streaming nearly constantly online this year, but also serve as inspiration.  In the midwest, it's hot and humid and motivation to run or get out there and move is hard to find.  Watching these fine tuned athletes compete provides motivation and inspiration.  I feel a small bit of camaraderie as I'm out early in the morning hitting the road for a run.  

Are you planning on watching the olympics?  What's your favorite event?

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