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Thursday, July 19, 2012

'Stache Dash Scavenger Hunt 5K race in Cincinnati, OH in review...

Tuesday was hot and humid here in Cincinnati.  I mean HOT, the heat index was 100F.  The weather didn't stop a few of the girls I work with and I from participating in one of the most anticipated events of this month (besides the olympics), the 'stache dash scavenger hunt!  This event was sponsored by the hyde park body boutique and Lululemon in Hyde Park.

Here's what made this such a fun event:
1. each team had to wear mustaches (Our team name was the "well equipped upper lips")
Our Team! Well equipped upper lips
2. We had a sheet with clues to different stores/parks/areas of Hyde Park and once there we had to perform some kind of task and take a picture.  (We had to leap frog in madison park)
3. It was a small race filled with very enthusiastic participants and a very organized director!

This was a great boost to my running motivation and a great way to change things up during the week.

p.s. our team theme was cops and bandits.

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