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Friday, November 9, 2012

Indianapolis Monumental Marathon review ...

I'm nearly fully recovered from running the Indianapolis Monumental Marathon last Saturday.  This race was well organized and a flat course.  Honestly, I chose this particular race because it was described as flat.  After running the half-marathon for this race three years ago, I wanted to revisit the city in the state I grew up in and run the full marathon. 

The morning of the race was very cool and crisp with a small chance of rain.  As the race was starting I watched the sun rise.  The course was just as advertised, flat.  The most enjoyable section of the course was running through the indianapolis art museum grounds.  

Around mile 18 it started sleeting, then light rain at mile 20, and complete down pour for about the last mile or more.  Normally, during a marathon I would have gotten very upset and been tempted to start walking.  Luckily, I was mentally very strong for this race, which allowed me to push through.  

I finished in 4:30:13.  I'm very excited about my time and how I felt during and after the race.  

As I finished I saw a friend and Jonah waiting for me at the finish!  Being in Indianapolis allowed us to see some of our dear friends before and after the race.  

Overall, great race and I would recommend it to anyone wanting to run a flat course.  

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