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Friday, November 23, 2012

Being thankful...

Finishing the 40 days to personal transformation has been a challenge.  The excavation questions during each week dug deep into how I felt about a lot of situations in my life.  Some of the questions seem benign, such as, when do you feel most alive? While other questions dug more deeply, How much do I believe in myself, and how much does this play out in my everyday life?  While answering the questions, I attempted to be the most honest and genuine with each specific question.  Not surprisingly, I found some recurring themes and patterns to my thoughts and feelings about things in my life.  Combining these thought provoking questions with daily yoga and meditation was in fact transforming.  I have to admit, that I didn't stick to the program fully due to having a busy life with other obligations.  

I feel like I went through a great therapy session and a little bootcamp at the same time.  I feel stronger both mentally and physically.  The program ended right before thanksgiving, and all the reflection made me even more thankful this year then in years past. 

Spending time really contemplating the things in my life has made me feel so much more calm and "ok" with everything.  I've found some acceptance.  That being said....I'm no buddha or enlightened creature, but I feel more equipped for life.  

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