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Monday, April 9, 2012

Our First Anniversary

Our wedding cake
 Today is our first wedding anniversary.  We celebrated this weekend by spending a dog-free overnight stay downtown and went to one of my fave restaurants, nada.

We never celebrated anniversaries while we were dating, so this was a new thing for us.  I have to say that Jonah totally excelled at anniversaries, not really a shock since he's good at everything.  He got me a wonderful silver locket on a long chain.  I've been looking for a specific kind of locket for ages now, and he found one that was perfect!  I got him an oregon ducks framed picture, and a list of promises I want to keep during our marriage tucked into easter eggs.  (I know I was a bit cheesey, but I'm pretty sure it's acceptable on a day like this.)

One year later...
We partook in the traditional eating of the year old top tier of the wedding cake.  I've included photos of the original small wedding cake (we mostly had fun cupcakes, but we didn't freeze those to keep).  Amazingly, the cake was delicious although it was definitely not as pretty as one year ago.  It taste nearly as good as it originally did!

Here's to our first anniversary and many, many more to come.

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