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Thursday, April 12, 2012

Yoga on the Mat...

The first stop on my journey through the hip tranquil chick book is a lesson focused on Yoga on the Mat. The first two chapters focus on explaining benefits, styles, and short sequences of yoga.  Busy women can incorporate yoga into their lives to reconnect with themselves and their surroundings.  A short section expands of the specific aspects that you gain from yoga and can apply directly to your life, such as standing tall with poise like in mountain pose.  I think my favorite part of this book so far is the light manner in which it's written, which makes it like talking to a girlfriend.

My yoga practice has been sporadic since high school and I've been making an effort the past few years to make it more consistent.  The largest challenge is slowing my mind, but when I regularly attend classes or make time for yoga I can tell a huge difference both physically and mentally.  Although I don't following Hinduism, the religion which first developed yoga, I still feel a spiritual clarity while practicing yoga.  This spiritual clarity does depend on the type of yoga being practiced and type of class, but yoga provides an outlet that combines a body and mind exercise.

I'm hoping one day to master a handstand and forearmstand.  :)


  1. I saw this stunning picture of you and had to see what you were up to! I am so excited that you are "adventuring in yoga" as well! I have been practicing for 12 years now. I had a realization yesterday that I want to share.It is also about slowing the mind. I have gotten to the point in my practice, where I really have to turn my brain off, because it will tell my body,"you can't do that". It's amazing how the body can do somthing that the mind says it can't. I'm sure there is some spiritual/technical term for this. I just call it, telling my brain to be quiet, so that I can reach my true potential.I love yoga for reducing my stress, keeping me in shape and for saving my spine (I have a prblem with my back that doen't bother me as long as I continue to practice). Keep up the good work! Namaste -Mary Schrock

    1. Thanks so much for sharing Mary! I didn't mention it here, but Yoga has been a huge help with my ruptured disc. The doc said I wouldn't run anymore marathons after my first....and I've run two more....mostly because of incorporating yoga into my life.