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Monday, May 10, 2010

First week of training for chicago on the books...

This past week was the first week of my long training schedule for the Chicago Marathon (10.10.10).  I'm doing a longer training schedule this year to prevent injury like when I ran the Columbus Marathon in 2008 (I neglected to recognize that I need to cross-train and stretch my back problem).  I'm so excited and nervous about running the Chicago Marathon, but this year I get to run with Mo and we are planning on having a great time!  She is raising money and running for Team Salute.  Please consider donating to help the cause.

So I wanted to share my week in review with everyone...

On top of usual Cincinnati allergies I also had a head cold/congestion making running/breathing challenging, but I got in all of my training runs.  Luckily, the long run this week was only 8 miles.  I was worried that I wouldn't get in the long run for this week since we had the Midwest Society for Developmental Biology meeting this week, but I managed to squeeze it in on the one sunny weekend day!

To help with training I've set several goals for the race this year:

  • Stay healthy
    • Doing training runs, cross-training 2 times a week at least, Yoga 2-3 times per week
  • Stay motivated
    • I've been listening to several podcasts that will help with this
      • Two Gomers Run a Marathon: These guys are beginner runners and they are hilarious as they deal with training mishaps and life.  
      • Marathon training academy: This podcast gives important information and strategies to consider while training.
      • Put together new playlists for my IPOD (which I will share the top playlists on here)  
  • Run Chicago faster than I ran Columbus!  
Most of the long runs this year will be during the blistering  hot and humid days of July and August!  

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