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Sunday, May 16, 2010

You win some you lose some...

I've been experimenting with cooking lately.  Not everything has gone exactly as planned.  For instance, I'm totally obsessed with mochi so I thought i could make some.  I got the kind you just cut up and bake from whole foods.....it was an epic failure.  My mochi did not taste anything like the kind you get at trader joe's or yagoot.  I also failed miserably at making iced green tea sweetened with brown rice syrup.  Although there have been many failures there have also been some super yummy successes....
1. Organic brown rice crispies
2. Drop biscuits (pictured on the left)
3. mini Cinn-cran-almond drop biscuits (pictured on right)
I think I'm the most proud of the biscuits.  I have to admit that I never in a million years thought I could make good biscuits.  I used the recipe out of Better Homes and Gardens cookbook, but instead of butter I used smart balance (for 3/4 of the suggested amount) and light sour cream or the rest of the butter amount.  I also used skim milk instead of whole milk or buttermilk.  I was terrified that they would turn out dry and and fall apart as soon as I ate them.  I was pleasantly surprised when they turned out perfect.  Jonah and phil-dog also liked them!  Yay for cooking adventures!  I'm determined to be able to provide good homemade food for myself and my future family.  Luckily, I'm able to get carry out easily for experimental meals that are inedible.

Marathon training update:
This week was a bit better than last week, since my cold was mostly gone.  I made it through my long run (10 miles).  I'm also working on running without over striding so that I don't stress my knees and back!  It's an ongoing challenge.

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