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Thursday, January 13, 2011

Goals for 2011....

I like to make goals for the year instead of resolutions.  Most resolutions that I've made end in failure, however, when I make a goal I approach the task differently.  Basically, this is a matter of approaching what you want to accomplish/improve in a manner that works for you and sets you up for success.

The way I set goals for the year involves:
1. general brain storming on paper
2. developing specific goals so I know the direction I need to take
3. strategizing a plan to accomplish this goal
4. understanding that I will probably have to take a deviation from my original plan and try to not be too hard on myself.

Here are a few of my goals for 2011:
1. Professionally
    a. finish grant-done
    b. write and get paper accepted in a good journal
    c. by the end of the year have most of project 2 completed
    d. find positive female role models-facilitate relationships with various professors I interact with regularly
2. Personally
  a. develop patience in everyday frustrating situations by slowing down and thinking before responding instead of reacting
  b. Find more positive female role models through organizations that I'm involved in
  c. Continue exploring ballet through classes
  d. do more yoga - goal is to attend at least one class at a yoga studio/wk instead of doing yoga at home every time
  e. Try to reduce stress by focusing on being present instead of being overwhelmed by the big picture.

Those are my goals for this new year.  I encourage everyone to sit down and create goals.  Seeing them on paper allows you to organize your thoughts and approaches.  Also, when I'm having a movement when I feel like I have no idea what's going on in my hectic life I can re-read my goals and refocus.

This year I participated in the new year new you teleclass from Kimberly Wilson which helped organize thoughts and reflect on the previous year.  Yay new year and so much potential!

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