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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Another Lexington adventure weekend...

This weekend Jonah and I spent the weekend in Lexington to attend a friend's wedding.  The wedding was beautiful and I had a lot of fun meeting all the people in Lexington that Jonah works with.  We ventured out to take in some of the attractions while in Lexington.  The weekend was sunny and warm so we took little phil-dog to the giant dog park.  He ran around full speed for about 20 minutes, made a few friends, then just sat in the grass.  (Top photo: Phil running around being his happy go-lucky self bottom photo: Phil making a friend.


We have a love for hamburgers!  Lexington has a Hugh Jass Burgers restaurant with huge burgers (hence the name.)  Not only was the burger delish but they also have sweet potato fries with marshmallow sauce.....you read that correctly...marshmallow sauce (heaven!).  They also have an eating contest.....burger with 5 patties and 5 orders of fries in 25 minutes.  One of the groom's Aussie friends took it on.....he got relatively close, but no cigar.  It did feel like we were watching man vs. food since there were so many of us there cheering him on.

There are a plethora of self-serve frozen yogurt places in lexington and this time we tried orange leaf.....and of course it was amazing!  I got banana and pineapple fro yo with mango, pineapple, mochi, and these little bubble filled things.  To add to the experience, the spoons were shaped like little tiny shovels.  (We used fro yo as our post workout treat!)

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