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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Things that make me happy...

New Lululemon running tights with fun ruffles on the legs!

Walks with little Phil and finding fun sidewalk chalk notes. 

The positive from all the rain the past few weeks is that all the flowers are vibrant and in bloom and the grass is extremely green.  Love poppies!  

Mini-bathroom makeover with a new blue poppy shower curtain.  It brightened up the whole room.  

Other fun things from the past week that makes me happy.....
Co-worker inspired me to try making fresh homemade bread....it turned out delish.  
Lululemon running group on Sunday with Jonah for the Redlegs 10K/5K
Spending time with Jonah catching up on episodes of our new fave comedy...Modern family.  

Take delight in the small things :)

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