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Friday, September 23, 2011

Friday fave....places to run hills

This week marks week #2 of marathon training for the disney world marathon in January.  Luckily, I have a decent running base and the first three weeks aren't much different than my current running regime.
To train for my third marathon, I'm following a new intermediate training program from marathon training academy.  This week I was supposed to run hills.  My first impulse was "blah hills!", but as I thought about it more I realized that nearly every route that I take involves hills.  

Although Cincy is in the midwest, we're located close enough to the Appalachian mountains to have hills, and I mean serious hills in some parts of town.  I generally run through hyde park and mt. lookout which have their distinct hills, but by far the best hills I've encountered for running are in the cincinnati parks.  If you have hill training to do I would head to Eden Park or Ault Park.  

This week I didn't make it to the park to run hills, but instead took on the hills around mt. lookout which were still pretty killer.  During the week I like to keep score of me vs. the big hill of the running route.  Some weeks end up with a tie  (I win if I don't walk and the hill wins if I have to walk a bit), and other times I'm victorious.  This week was a success and so far I have a 2-0 record that I plan to keep a hold of while doing my long run tomorrow.  

I haven't attempted hill repeats, but I'm going to keep hill training in my running plan (I can't really avoid it).  A little fine tuning of hill training may be just what I need to add a little speed and take a little time off during the flat disney marathon.  

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