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Friday, September 9, 2011

Friday Favorite...Lululemon

Lululemon athletica sells amazing active clothing, specifically focused on running and yoga.  Not only are all of my fave versatile active wear garments from here, but the company embodies a culture that cultivates an active lifestyle and personal growth through self reflection and goal setting.

I attended the goal setting session several months ago at our hyde park showroom (soon to be full store), and was blown away at the method they use to set goals.  As an avid goal setter, I thought I knew what I was doing, but the small changes to goal setting I learned at this session have made a huge impact on how I create and manage my goals.

As an example, instead of phrasing your goal as something you would like to do "I would like to run a marathon" set the goal as if you have already performed the challenge and add specifics to the event to make it more tangible.  "I ran the disney marathon in January 2012" The other point they made, which I loved, was to make your goals positive.  Instead of saying "I won't buy conventionally grown produce" make it a positive statement "I buy only organically grown produce"  I've returned to the short and long term goals I set on that evening many times since.

From cute active clothes, to goal setting, to community involvement, and free running group and yoga Lululemon is by far one of my favorite stores.

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