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Monday, December 5, 2011

20 miler and other happenings last week....

Before I get to the run that consumed my Saturday morning, I wanted to share what else happened last week.  After battling a headaches for two days at the beginning of the week, I enjoyed some R & R by attending the performance of Trans Siberian Orchestra (TSO).  The concert rocked from start to finish filled with lasers, fire, and head banging (not by me).  Of course they played all of their holiday classics plus many more, making for an energetic nonstop 2 1/2 show.
Saturday morning I headed out on the first 20 mile run of this marathon training session.  I was very nervous before I headed out since my hip had been very tight all week, and it was causing a bit of trouble.  Running slow and steady got me through the whole 20 miles.  Fueling went well and I was able to explore a few new routes since I was using runkeeper to keep track of my mileage.  
I took a nice cold/felt like ice bath and stretched a TON, and my legs aren't too sore today.  The plan is to do another 20 miler in two weeks, and the other plan is to do lots of yoga to keep my hips stretched.  The disney marathon is about a month away, so naturally I'm excited and extremely nervous about it.  The plane tickets are purchased, the hotel is arranged, and the registration fee is paid for.  Time to get serious and try to stay injury free!

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