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Friday, July 16, 2010

More running gear awesomeness and week review...

Running gear...
I got a RoadID and it's awesome!  I highly recommend one for anyone who is hiking, biking, walking, or running.  I went for the original wrist band in pink (of course) with all my important information, emergency contact, and allergies.  I feel much safer when I run with it, since drivers in Cincinnati are not the most courteous to runners.  There have been several times where I've nearly been hit by a car, and afterwards I thought....How would anyone know who I am? Know who to call? The only disadvantage for the wrist band is that it adds to the tan line that I'm developing at my wrist from my watch as well.  (I have to let my vanity go for the sake of safety.)

Week review...
This week has seemed exceptionally long, probably because last week was a short week.  But, I've made it through and it's almost the weekend.  
This week I've accomplished:
  • Stuck to my running schedule (mostly, my long run was moved to today to accommodate this coming weekend's general busyness) 
    • Also, 12 miler this morning went well even though it was about 75F outside when I started.  The hydration belt works wonders!
    • I eat oatmeal before long runs and this week the addition to make it more fun was....frozen strawberries (they heated up as the oatmeal was cooked) and a tablespoon or so of local honey!
  • Took a new direction with my research that I've been thinking about and planning for the last few weeks.  (I was worried that my PI wouldn't like the idea, but thankfully she did. It may lead to a great collaboration with another lab.)
  • Finally saw Eclipse, and enjoyed it.  (It took going to the theater several times to see it, the first time the projector broke) 
This weekend I get to share in 2 joys with family and friends. 1.  My step-brother is getting married and 2. one of my close friends is having a baby shower!  It looks like an exciting weekend with friends!

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