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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

whirlwind of life...

What a whirlwind of a weekend and another one is on the horizon.  Last weekend Jonah and I traveled to Lafayette, IN (about 3 hours from Cincinnati) for my step-brother's wedding.  It was beautiful!

Then on Sunday I drove to a small town near Louisville (about 4 hours from Lafayette) for my dear friend's baby shower (cake pictured on left). Then Philip and I headed back to Cincy (about 2 more hours).  I think my dog is one of the few dogs that likes being in the car for that many hours.  It was a lot of driving, but totally worth it to see friends and celebrate the changes in their lives!!!

The whirlwind isn't done....this coming weekend more friends are getting married...in Hamilton, Ontario.  So watch out Canada here we come (except philip...no international travel for that pup)!  This will be a weekend of reconnecting with friends who have moved all over the nation!

To make it even more fun, I'm going to get my hair done tonight! woohoo new hair cut and color!

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