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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Recipe for a good long run...

I was pretty much not looking forward to the 10 mile run I needed to do this past Sat. for marathon training, but I got up early to beat the heat to give it a go.  I got about 3 miles into the run and realized that I felt pretty good and took the pace up a bit.  I ended up finishing the 10 miles in about 2 minutes faster than usual.  Here is my recipe for the run:

8h-Good nights sleep
1 bowl-oatmeal with banana (very ripe...like ready for banana bread ripe) and frozen sweet cherries
1 cup-cinnamon coffee
1-new nathan hydration belt filled with H20.  (2 small bottles)

I think having the new hydration belt was a huge plus, since it was SOOO hot this weekend.  Also, getting new gear is always super fun.

I last blogged about dead legs....they didn't affect me on this run!  yay!

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