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Monday, November 15, 2010

29 day gift challenge days 1-5 summary...

I had mentioned in previous blogs that I was starting the 29 day gift challenge.  This challenge is based upon the book written by Cami Walker, 29 gift.  The premise is to give a gift no matter how small for 29 days while keeping a journal of your giving.  Optimally giving should not be out of obligation but out of a spirit of generosity and caring.  Also, if you skip a day you are supposed to start over.

Days 1-5: Gifts given
Day1: hot chocolate for a coworker having a bad day
Day2: kindly held the elevator for someone who was down the hall quite a way, and made small talk while in the elevator.
Day3: gave bag of cookies to a homeless mother
Day4: gave muffins to a friend who was taking a trip for work
Day5: Left a fun children's book (Charlie and the Chocolate Factory) on a bus stop bench with a note for someone to take the book read it and pass it along.

Although, giving is gratifying alone there are other benefits from this  challenge that I've noticed.  The main difference I've noticed is that my days are more optimistic.  Graduate school has a tendency to drag away your optimism, especially when research success rates are so low (10% is good).  Waking up and trying to be conscious of living in a manner that is conducive for giving has allowed me to be kinder to people, and regain some personal attributes I thought were gone.

As I get busier the challenge is becoming harder.  Let's see what else I can give and what will happen.

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