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Sunday, November 21, 2010

Giving Challenge Day 8-12...

Day 8:  I gave a gift to myself this day, a new pair of ballet slippers.  I've recently rediscovered my love of ballet from my childhood, and been talking some adult beginner ballet classes through the Cincinnati ballet. After getting my slippers I strapped them on and practiced a few movements in my kitchen :)

My day 8 also coincided with Veteran's Day, so to my two uncles who were in the military I also told them happy veteran's day.

Day 9:  I gave the gift of presence. I've said it before....I have a crazy busy mind thinking this way and that all the time.  So, on day 9 I went to dinner with  Jonah and made an effort to be present..completely.  It's amazing how much both of us benefited from just me being present, and not thinking about the hundreds of things I need to do.

Day 10: I gave Jonah a hockey ticket.  We wanted to go see the Cincinnati Cyclones with friends, so I paid for tickets.  The game was exciting, although not too many fights, it went into overtime then shoot out.

Day 11: I gave an extra uninterrupted 10 minute back and belly run for little pup Philip.

Day 12: I gave a small donation to NPR (WVXU in Cincinnati).  This makes me sound like more of an adult than I'm usually willing to admit, but I love NPR.  Especially All Things Considered and Marketplace Money.  NPR in Cincinnati is ran almost entirely through donations, and is not affiliated with a University like many NPR stations.

The giving challenge is paying off.  As I previously mentioned, my outlook on life in general is improving. I'm also happier in general, that's not to say I don't get frustrated or upset still, but I'm able to calm myself more quickly or just brush off the smaller things I may have previously gotten upset over.

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