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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Giving challenge day 6-7...

I'm continuing along with the giving challenge.  I have to admit that giving during the week is much more challenging than the weekends, mostly because the majority of my time is spent in the lab.

Day 6: I gave time to friends.  I had coffee and a chat in the afternoon, then in the evening I went to trivia with a group of friends.  (We won trivia that  night and got a $50 gift card, yay.  This was the first time we've won at trivia in the many months we've been going)
Day7: I gave a friend a ride home from dinner.  A group of us went to dollar burger night and offered a ride home to a friend who lives close to me.  Also, while we were at dollar burgers we had a server with the best mustache I've ever seen, which totally brightened my day!

As I've been going through this challenge I've been journaling my gift as well as what I'm grateful for that day (at least 3 things).  Day 6 and 7 had similar things I was grateful for: friends, food, and productivity at work.

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