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Friday, November 26, 2010

Giving challenge days 13-19

Update on the 29 day giving challenge....

Day13- gave an extra long walk for my little pooch Philip.  He greatly appreciated the extra time outside exerting energy. 

Day14- A thank you card for a fellow graduate student who as been extremely helpful to me, and she is getting ready to graduate. She's a wonderful person and  I don't say thank you enough for all the advice she gives me.

Day15- On day 15 I didn't know what to give, but as I sat in nearly gridlocked traffic on the way home I realized what I could give.  Many of my fellow  motorists stuck in the traffic close to the shopping center in our area of town were getting very frustrated.  One lane of traffic was extra backed up since someone was trying to get over into another lane (the lane I was in) from that lane.  So, after about 5 cars went by them not letting them in I decided that's what I could give for the day.....some generosity in traffic.  

Day16- A box of delish pastries to our support staff for the Molecular and Developmental Biology program.  They both work so hard and make the lives of each and every graduate student  easier.  

Day17- Sometimes I can be a real brat, and usually I regret it immediately.   That's what happened on Day 17.  I was a brat to Jonah and just being quick tempered with him for no reason.  My gift to him that day was a sincere apology, and I stopped acting bratty.  

Day18- I wrote a letter to my best friend letting her know why I love her and admire her.  

Day19- Today I volunteered to teach a lab session, a gift to my advisor.  It's was a great opportunity for me to get some hands on teaching experience as well.   

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  1. And I loved my letter! Thank you friend! -Moh Mo