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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

This dog is crazy...but we love him...

This week's trend in the Lee home is dog tantrums.  Philip is a constant attention needing chunk of a dog. He threw an all out tantrum this week because I didn't put my shoes on fast enough to go for a walk, I mean all out stomping feet and falling down in exasperation (see exhibits A1-3).  This also happened when I wasn't looking at him when I was petting him, and when after he got a bath.

As loving as Phil can be, he also has a temper.  One time he pooped in my shoe, no joke.  First, he made eye contact with me, then dropped a little nugget in my shoe to let me know he was not pleased with his lack of attention.  Also, if anything smells remotely disgusting or delicious in the trash (bacon grease is the main culprit) he will shred the trash bag and scatter trash about the kitchen.

Exhibit A-1
Exhibit A-2
Exhibit A-3

Although he has some serious flaws, he provides  loving companionship and brings joy to our lives (most of the time).  He reenforces the fact that no matter how flawed we are, whether it's seeking additional attention, incotinence, or letting our noses get us into trouble, we are all lovable and deserve to be loved.

Sometimes I have to remind myself that love is patient, therefore we should be patient with those we love.  (One day at a time.)

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