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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Well aren't you delicious...

New yummy vegan obsession....Grateful Grahams.  They come in cinnamon and sugar or chocolate.  Last week I tried chocolate and this week I'm munching on the cinnamon and sugar variety.

Highlights of these grahams:
-Vegan (great for those with a dairy intolerance, like myself)
-all natural
-soft, chewy texture makes them perfect to snack on, especially with coffee....mmmm
-Local Cincy company!

The only negative is that I could totally eat the whole bag at once.  I had one this morning with my coffee!

Check out their website.  In addition to the places they list to pick them up, you can also get them at Whole Foods in Rookwood.

As I'm writing this.....I wish I had a grateful graham here to munch on...

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