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Monday, June 27, 2011

Goetta and other weekend adventures...

Goetta....what is it?  That's what Jonah asked when I told him I was making it for breakfast this weekend.  (I had the same reaction when I heard about it.) Then I simply explained it's a german food made of steel cut oats and sausage, which didn't help my case.  So I fried up a few patties and we both enjoyed this Cincinnati cuisine for breakfast on Sunday.  (It's much better than it sounds.)

Little Phil got a bath and then pouted for some time in his chair.  You can see how miserable he looks.  This was of course after he ran around our apartment like a crazy dog trying to air dry himself.  I wanted him to be clean for the bachelorette viewing party tonight.  He also has a special handkerchief to wear.

Jonah helped me assemble a photo frame so i can finally hang the Audrey Hepburn poster he got me for christmas.  He had a little fun with the wire for the back of the frame.  On the right is my new desk area with the photo hung and a new cloth over my desk for a little pizazz.

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