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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Had a great holiday in Canada, eh?

Memorial day weekend for Jonah and I included a long road trip to Canada with Philip in tow to visit with friends and celebrate the wedding of two other friends.  

Of course, shortly after crossing the boarder into Canada we had to stop at Tim Horton's for some Canadian pastries.  Shown here is Jonah with his apple fritter timbits and tiny small coffee (as you can tell, Philip was also interested in the timbits).

Liz and I took on an adventure Saturday morning, which entailed running a 10K trail race.  It had been raining for about 3 days before the race so the trail was a bit muddy (which is a bit of an understatement).   The top pic is on my leg after the race...lots of mud...I ended up having it up to my bum.  The middle pic is of both of our shoes.  Wish I would have taken a before pic, but our shoes were much cleaner when we started.  

Phil-dog made himself at home by laying in our friend's dog's bed.  

The reason for our trip.....a lovely wedding of Nick and Alana.  It was on Lake Ontario and beautiful.  Jonah was the emcee and nailed it!  In all, it was a great night and weekend with old friends.  

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