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Monday, June 13, 2011

Red legs 10K in review...

Saturday morning we got up early and trekked out in the rain to run 10K through downtown Cincinnati, OH and in Newport, KY.  Jonah was reluctant to get moving out the door since it was basically intermittently dumping buckets outside.  We got our selves out the door and to the starting line and ran the 10K.

I gave up a little prayer before the race for the rain to end between 7am (the start) and 8am (the latest I thought I would finish).  Apparently, God functions on central standard time instead of eastern standard time because the rained stopped right at about 8 am and the rest of the day was beautiful.  Our race, however, was rainy and wet.  Since this was the first year for the 10K it wasn't too packed, but you weren't alone on the course.  I think the bridges were a bit of a surprise for some people since they are essentially a long hill.  Unfortunately, no metal but we did get a wonderful nike dry fit T-shirt (Jonah is wearing his in the pics.)

Since Jonah is not usually a runner, I was the rabbit for the race and paced him for the first 6.19 of the 6.2 miles.  At the very end he sprinted a head to finish about a second or two in front of me.  After I cross he turned and says "I WIN!"

Overall, it was a fun race and very family friendly.  We got to go into the Reds dugout and the post race snacks were great (ice cream, hot dogs, pizza, bananas, coupons for free food from subway and noodles and company).


  1. too funny about Jonah "winning" the race between the two of you! ~Lisa Smelser