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Friday, October 7, 2011

Disney marathon training plan....

Instead of a Friday favorite, this week I'm going to give an update on marathon training...

This week concludes the third week of the 16 week marathon training plan I'm following in preparation for the Disney marathon in January.  As I've previously mentioned, I'm following an intermediate plan from marathon training academy.  This plan, designed by Angie and Trevor at marathon training academy, focuses on three quality runs a week and a couple days of cross-training.  This plan looks like it will help me training well and reach the finish line healthy.

Training for this third week consisted of two 6 mile runs and a long run of 10 miles.  I completed the 10 miles this morning while the temp was still nice and cool.  I took my hydration belt with me with only one bottle.  While I don't really need too much water on a 10 mile run, I really need to get used to wearing the hydration belt again.  When I get hot and sweaty from running the last thing I want is something clinging around my midsection, but alas I must get used to it so I can stay properly hydrated.

So far, training has been going well.  I'm looking forward to doing my longest runs during the holidays, which will give me a reason to eat-up at work/social parties!

Next week calls for a 7 mile easy, 6 mile hilly, and an 8 mile long run.

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