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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Fall Fashion...

In addition to the wonderful pumpkin and cinnamon flavored EVER THING during the fall season, I also LOVE the fall fashion.

The clothes are cozy, comfy, and stylish.  I've chosen a few of my fave fall looks and items to display above.

By far I wear the most scarves in the fall/winter.  Our lab area is generally freezing cold, even in summer, so I get to wear a lot of layers year round, but during the fall I break out the coordinating scarves.

In the midwest this week we have a little warm-up in the temperature so it's the last hoorah for all summer-ish clothes before getting packed away until late spring.  Seasonal wardrobe changing is like getting new clothes a few times a year without spending money!  It's time to unpack and rediscover all the fun fall fashion.

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