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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Weekend adventures across the midwest....

Since I did my long run on Friday, I started the weekend with a pure barre class.  This class totally kicked my butt (literally).  It was challenging in a whole different fashion than running.  Needless to say, it was fun and I plan on taking a few more classes, especially since the studio is SO close.
fall foliage

After a great workout we headed to Delphi, IN for a chili cook-off!  During our drive we were able to admire the amazing colors of the fall foliage.  19 Chilis ranging from sweet to spicy entered the competition and 4 won prizes.  We also got to munch on hot dogs for the chili, fried biscuits with apple butter, and pie.  Tasty homecooked fattiness!  It was a great indulgence with the family.  

It's always nice to go home a

Up close view of lucky trying to eat my phone
nd see the family.  There are TONS of changes going on in our family right now.  Literally every one of my siblings is either expecting a baby or just had a baby.  Pretty soon our holiday get togethers will be filled with the sounds of child laughter.   

Fall is a season of transition, and it looks like our family is in a season of transition as well.  Oh, and Philip was once again picked on by my parent's cat, Lucky (which I like to call devil-cat since he attacks the feet of everyone!)

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