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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Mustaches and running...

Our team Must-Dash Rides consisting of friends from Lexington and Louisville area took on the Tap n' Run 4K on Saturday.  We donned our matching shirts, staches, and glasses and ran 4K with 4 beer stops throughout the course.  The goal of the race was to take a 3-4 oz. drink of beer every ~1 kilometer or so.

There were teams and individuals competing, most of which were in costume.  One team ran the whole race in a giant box painted as the mystery machine and each member was dressed as a character from scooby doo.

Our team took home 2 awards, best T-shirt concept and one of our members won best belcher!  We are hoping to return next year and take several more awards.  Although there isn't an award for our overall finishing place (4th in our division!!!) we were all really proud of ourselves.

This is the last "fun" race I have until a half in Nov. and the full in January at DISNEY!

p.s.  The mustache did stay on while we ran...if the race was any longer they would have totally sweated off.

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