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Friday, April 9, 2010

In theory, this should be simple...

In theory, this should be simple……  I think or say this phrase often especially in the laboratory.  The theories of molecular biology are relatively straightforward, however, implementing them are never as easy.  For the last several weeks I've been struggling with experiments that are typically simple and work the first time I try them.  Furthermore, I've done this technique numerous times.  This week has been defeating and I've found myself doubting my scientific abilities.  Struggling times have a way of making me introspective.  So, this week has been a test of one of my New Year's resolutions.  Here is the resolution: To bring more balance to my life, and reduce stress!  

I have a tendency to 'freak out" and get really stressed.  Lab experiments highly contribute to this feeling.  I've realized that this state of mine effects my whole life, so I want to try to calm my racing/crazy mind.  (As a side note: in Yoga this is called the monkey mind, a racing mind that is everywhere. The funny thing is, when I heard about this I pictured a monkey running around in my head causing havoc, which is sort of what it feels like sometimes :) ) I've been trying to implement things that will help with my "monkey mind" and help me obtain a calm mind. 
Reading books that encourage introspection/thought provoking topics
Try to be less reactionary to things going on around me (this one is a huge struggle)

Journaling has been an outlet for venting as well as organizing my thoughts.  Knowing I have a place to put my frustrations has helped a little, but sometimes I struggle with what to start writing.  I've just started the book Simple Abundance by Sarah Ban Breathnach.  I'm still not very far into the book, but I love how it seems like her daily passages are speaking directly to me.  So, what have I learned thus far in journey to calm myself/my mind and find more happiness in my life.
what exactly  is important to me…
don't try to do everything at once, you can't do your best work that way....
SLOW DOWN….even when there is pressure to get more and more completed

I'm still a work in progress, and this week was a huge struggle, but sharing my experiences are cathartic for me and possibly others. 

P.S. My frustrations all culminated to a small accident in the kitchen last night.  I made organic brown rice crisps and i was cutting them when then knife slipped and I nearly took off the tips of 2 of my fingers.  Thank you universe for telling me to slow down.  

"Perhaps if one really knew when one was happy one would know the things that are necessary for one's life" -Joanne Field

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