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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Dog vs. Veggies

This is the look I got after starting Phil-dog's new diet. Notice the uneaten veggies.

Phil is a spoiled, over-loved medium sized beagle dachshund mix.  (Also, he's super adorable)  I got him from a local no-kill shelter and he weighed 21 pounds, and he looked a bit malnourished.  A year later at the vet he had put on 20% of his body weight and was up to about 25 pounds (still a healthy weight for his size).

The first diet modification was weight management food, which he hated at first, AND he ended up gaining another 5 pounds.  Recently we took him to the vet for an infection and he's now up to a whopping 35 pounds.  So, it's doggie diet time.  I'm convinced that this doggie diet will work, if Jonah stops giving him bacon and chips.

Here's the diet plan: in the morning give him 1/3 cup mixed veggies and about 1/2 cup dog food then 4/3 cup dog food at night (normal dinner).

So far he's somewhat eaten the veggies.  This morning after I sauteed them in a plan he ate all but one green bean which he left in his bowl, then tried to hide in his bed, then left for me on the carpet (maybe as a warning).  Also, I'm not the type of person who will cook daily for my dog.  I don't even do that for myself.

If this doesn't work maybe we'll look into doggie lipo (jk).

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